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RFP Questions and Answers

This page is dedicated to all Questions and Answers for ALL RFP's currently Posted.  Each section will be updated as questions are asked.

Updates as of 2/26/14

Questions regarding RFP Cell

Q1.  Can you give me an estimate of the needed airtime for the 150 basic cellular devices listed on your 470 application?

A1.  For those particular phones, we would like a proposal that is based on a per minute usage, as most of these phones are rarely used outside of our current "network".  We would entertain a monthly plan if it is not cost prohibitive. At this time, we pay no monthly fee for the use of any of the basic phones and only pay charges for minutes actually used. We would likely only use around 1000 minutes a month total for all phones outside of the "provider Network".  Our current plans are based on  State of Tennessee Contracts, SW Contract # SW321.

Questions regarding RFP VoIP

Q1)      Do you have a need for an Auto-Attendant?  If yes, how many?  

A1)       We have one currently.  We may need up to 7 more, but it is unknown how we will utilize them at this time (dependent on pricing).  Please provide price per auto attendant.

Q2)      How many end users do you have that will require a handset?  

A2)      Please see page 30 of the RFP for proposal formats and requested phone handset requirements.  Up to 175 MAY BE purchased.  Please follow the requested "Technical Proposal Requirements" section 8A2 for exact specifications.  This RFP was designed to evaluate all responses based on the format required in the Technical and Cost proposal sections.

Q3)      Do you require integration with paging?  If yes, how many ports and locations?

A3)      If possible, yes.  up to 8 locations with varying manufacturers.   We need further clarification of "how many ports" you are requesting.  It should work with the existing systems. 

Q4)      Do you have users that will only need voicemail?  If so, how many?  

A4)      Not at this time.

Q5)      Do you have a specific preference on Essential vs. Enterprise users? (Specific details on our website) 

A5)      Please see page 30 of the RFP for requested packages.  After reviewing your 2 package offerings, I feel that your Enterprise would equal to the advanced package, and your Essential would be equal to both the basic and intermediate packages, as requested in 8A3 Cost Proposal section.

 Questions regarding RFP for Long Distance

Q1)  Who is the current provider and is the service purchased from a State of Tennessee agreement or is it a LCDOE contract with that carrier?

A1)  Century Link is our current LD Provider as per the State of Tennessee Contract pricing.  When we evaluated Long Distance options last year, the state contract was a more advantageous  pricing model for our system.

Q2)  Pursuant to Lincoln County Schools’ Request for Proposal, entitled Long Distance Telephone Service and dated 2/14/2014, you stated in section 1.2 that the purpose was to “…solicit proposals from qualified vendors for Long Distance Telephone Service …” for the district.  In section 3.2.2, you provide a list of local telephone services types and quantities.  Is it the district’s desire that qualified vendors provide pricing for only Long Distance Services to support these existing local services or to replace those with equivalent local services that include long distance services?

A2)  Section 3.2.2 was just a listing of our Local services that need long distance service.  In this RFP, we are not requesting equivalent local services, only long distance service for the types of lines listed in section 3.2.2.