Technology Department
Brad Luna - 438-1467
Brad Luna - 438-1467

The mission of the Technology Department is to provide professional service, support, and training, encompassing educational media and technology for the Lincoln County School District.



 We have been experiencing some problems with laptops connection to the new wireless network. Below are the steps to correct this issue.

Wireless Access to LCS-WiFi

·         Plug your laptop into the network (Unplug a desk internet cable and plug into your laptop)

·         Log in with your username and password

·         Click startà Runà and in the Run line type gpupdate  then hit ENTER

·         When update is complete the black screen will disappear (this sometimes happens fast)

·         Now reboot your machine (do not unplug cable yet)

·         Log in with user name and password

·         You should connect to LCS-WiFi automatically

·         Now unplug cable (don’t forget to plug the cable back to original location)Tech+Center Technology Ticketing Software


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