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Highlights of the Lincoln County School System

The Lincoln County School System offers the best in small town, rural community educational experiences.  Located in Southern Middle Tennessee, our system is operated with the strong student performance standards in mind. We have six pre-kindergarten through eighth grade elementary schools operating in our system. These elementary schools are set up to allow the students to enjoy an elementary experience  in grades pre-k through five and a middle school experience in grades 6-8 without ever having to change buildings, administrators, or communities.  We believe that a child has the best opportunity to reach his fullest potential if he/she is allowed to grow in a building where he is known, understood, and respected. 

Parents with children entering elementary school in Lincoln County may select to transport their child to ANY school in our system as long as room is available in that grade level. We zone only for transportation purposes.  Once a child is enrolled in a school, that student will be asked to remain in that building for the remainder of the school year.  At the beginning of each year, if room is available, a parent may request to transfer a child to a different elementary school.  This allows all of our schools to excel and to be competitive and productive.

Every school in the Lincoln County School system is fully accredited by SACS/CASI accreditation teams. All schools are in good standing with the Tennessee Department of Education, having excellent test scores, attendance records, and safe school ratings.  Our children usually score at or above state average in all academic areas and have met all Adequate Yearly Progress and No Child Left Behind state and federal mandates.  We want our students to be the very best! 

In order to make continued progress, our school system has moved to a "Reading First" research based curriculum for all of our school's pre-k through 3rd grade programs. We are currently moving this structured concept to our 4-5 grade students.  Our pre-kindergarten through three students are tested each trimester using the DIBELS test. We have recently employed a literacy coach for our system to help ensure that our students and teachers are successful in reading.  Our teachers combine strong classroom instruction in mathematics with computer lab work and computer programs to help students reach their current high level of performance in that subject.  We are performing above state average in all both reading and mathematics.

Our middle school students are offered a strong, leveled academic program which allows them to take honors courses in language arts and mathematics if they meet certain standards.  Each middle grade student is also allowed to experience a variety of short courses through an organized exploratory curriculum.  Students who meet entrance requirements may take mathematics courses for high school credit while in the 8th grade.

Our students then move to our Ninth Grade Academy. This school is an advisory based, transitional program which allows all of our 9th graders to prepare emotionally, mentally, and physically for our 10-12 senior high school.  This 9th grade only program has recently received monetary incentive rewards for student performance and student attendance.  Additional information is available from the school's principal via e-mail at  Mrs. Wallace welcomes your interest and will be happy to e-mail you a more complete description of our 9th grade offerings.  The NGA Falcons have seen four years of success in academics, in their sports programs, and in vocational competitions.

Our senior high school is called Lincoln County High School and serves about 1200 students each year.   This school has something for everyone....award winning vocational programs, exceptional academics, and state championship level sports programs.  We are currently a pilot school for the state of Tennessee offering our students full admission to our local community college, Motlow Community College, during their junior and senior years. Since 2006, several of our students have graduated with an Associates Degree from Motlow College one week prior to receiving their high school diploma. We also offer honors courses in a variety of subjects and AP course in English and History.  Our high school students traditionally have scored above state average in all four parts of the ACT.  You may contact the school's principal via e-mail at for additional information on any of our LCHS Falcon programs or at our system's web page,

Community and parent involvement are very important.  Students do much better when they have the support of their families. We encourage this involvement by having and organized parent involvement plan in each school, a county-wide parent involvement program which allows us to meet with our parental advisory board on a regular basis, and active PTO and Booster programs at all levels.  We encourage parents to spend time in their children's schools as volunteers, as visitors, or as spectators during school events.  All of our system's athletic programs have greatly benefited from strong parent involvement.

High academic standards, strong community ties, spirited sports programs, and a sincere desire to help each student in our system to reach their full potential makes the Lincoln County School System one of the best in Tennessee.  Please feel free to contact the system's director of schools, Dr. Wanda Shelton at for additional information.

Mission Statement


  • Belief - Quality instruction with challenging learning experiences will allow our students to maximize their full potential.
  • Vision - Students will have the skills, confidence, and determination to excel in a global society.
  • Mission - Parents, teachers, and community will collaborate to provide a safe, secure, and engaged academic journey.


                  E.D.G.E. - Engaged, Determined Growth Everyday

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