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The Office of Coordinated School Health (OCSH) was established by the Tennessee Department of Education in February 2001. The primary mission of the office is to improve student health outcomes as well as support the connection between good health practices, academic achievement, and lifetime wellness.  The OCSH partners with the Tennessee Department of Health, Office of School Health. With the passage of T.C.A. Section 49-1-1002 in 2000, authorization and funding for CSH was established. Additional funding has been provided by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Why Coordinated School Health?
Coordinated School Health Goals

Coordinated school health (CSH) is recommended by CDC as a strategy for improving students' health and learning in our nation's schools. This page outlines the rationale and goals for coordinated school health and provides a model framework for planning.

Eight Components of Coordinated School Health
Eight Components of Coordinated School Health
8 Components of CSH
8 Components of CSH

The Coordinated School Health (CSH) model is a method of connecting health and learning that consists of eight inter-related components. This approach constitutes a systems change by improving students' health and their capacity to learn through personal responsibility, and the support of families, communities and school.

By definition all Coordinated School Health Components work together to improve the lives of students and their families. For a complete list of definitions in printable format CLICK HERE. 

Information on Lincoln County's School Nurses
Welcome to the Tennessee Dept. of Health

Blanche School Nurse - Jessica Parks

Flintville School Nurse - Robin Carswell

Highland Rim School Nurse - Vicki Clark

SBALC - Marijoan Croft

South Lincoln School Nurse - Julie Williams

Unity School Nurse - Ann Young

NGA School - Vanessia Steelman

Lincoln County High School Nurse - Jennie Jenkins 

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