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Lincoln County Schools

School Re-opening Plans - 2020-2021

Our school re-opening plans were approved by the school board on Thursday, July 9, 2020.  Today we have two pieces of information to share with you.  First, we are sharing a twenty-two minute video that will provide you information at different stages of the school day.  The video will showcase the following detailed information:
1. Overview of Options
2. Bus Transportation
3. Car Riders/Drivers and Arrival at schools
4. Classroom Protocol and Practices
5. Lunch Protocol and Procedures
6. Extra curricular activities (PE Classes) 
7. Closing Information
There is also a one page  PDF document that provides an overview of our re-opening plan that you can click on within this  news story.  We know you may have questions after watching the video and reviewing the one page document; therefore, tomorrow (July 14, 2020), we will be releasing the full re-opening plan that consists of 20+ pages.  This document will cover more detailed information of the plan. Look for that release tomorrow.   
Disclaimer:  This plan is subject to change depending on changes with the pandemic or state requirements.