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Lincoln County Schools

March Spotlight LC Awards Given to MOVE Clubs at Flintville and South Lincoln

            The Spotlight LC Award for the month of March was awarded to MOVE organizations at South Lincoln School and Flintville School. Each school received $500 to apply toward their efforts of strengthening their clubs.

Men of Virtue Everyday (MOVE) was created after observing one young man sit at a table while a young lady remained standing beside him. It seemed as though chivalry itself no longer existed and our society was satisfied with the absence of a gentleman’s behavior. In 2014, a group of twelve 8th grade boys from Unity School began the process of becoming better young men. During the 2014-2015 school year, this small group of guys learned the proper etiquette of being a gentleman. As the young men began opening doors, giving up their seats, tying neckties and shaking hands, these gentlemen started asking questions. Questions regarding checking the oil in a car, carrying on conversations with females, job interviews, peer pressures, having a plan, and how to be “A good guy”. This program has evolved into a group of South Lincoln School guys with the desire to become more gentlemanly, practice good manners, and be someone others can depend on. These young men will become leaders and overcome mounds of adversity in our world today, as well as the future. Browning stated that “Dr. David Golden has done a great job getting this program started at Flintville School”. Browning went on to say that “South Lincoln will continue to partner with Flintville School in the hopes of getting more participation throughout our great state”. The goal from school sponsors is that one day we will have every school in the nation with a desire to bring chivalry back into our daily lives. With the assistance of the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents , Browning was to present this program to over 90 administrators across the state of Tennessee. Browning hopes this movement will move forward and it can be initiated in schools throughout the state. 

After hearing of the success Assistant Principal Mr. Nathan Browning and the MOVE program had at Unity and South Lincoln, Flintville School began the MOVE program this past fall semester. So far Flintville has approximately 15-20 8th grade students who meet about once a week to discuss skills and traits that they will need to be successful in life and to make a positive impact on their future communities. Dr. Golden stated, “ we want our young men to grow into leaders who others look to as role models”. Some of the skills we have discussed include tying ties, ironing clothes, the basics of a car, and how to treat a lady and be an example of a productive community citizen.