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Lincoln County Schools

Lincoln County Schools: Exemplary District; Five Level 5 Schools; and Three Reward Schools

Three Reward Schools, five Level 5 schools, and the district being named an Exemplary district has created a time of celebration for the staff and students of Lincoln County Schools following the 2020-2021 Covid Pandemic year of uncertainties.   Lincoln County Schools received notification that Flintville School, Highland Rim School and South Lincoln School each received the Reward School status. The best result for a school in Tennessee is to be named a Rewards School. Lincoln County Schools also was named as an Exemplary District. This is the highest achievement a district can receive and an outstanding honor. Lincoln County is also ranked 7th out of the 146 Tennessee School Districts which places them in the top 5% of the state for last year's TCAP scores.

Lincoln County Schools also received word that all five of their PreK-8 schools achieved a Level 5 status. This is a tremendous accomplishment for Blanche , Flintville, Highland Rim, South Lincoln, and Unity Schools. Growth scores are determined by comparing the academic growth of students across the entire state using multiple data points in an intra-year model. Level Five is defined as substantially above expectation and state average academic growth; Level Four is above expectations and state average growth; Level 3 is at expectation and state average growth; Level 2 is below expectations and state average academic growth; and Level 1 is substantially below expectations and state average academic growth.   To achieve this level under the circumstances brought on by the Covid 19 Pandemic in the 2020-2021 school year truly shows the work ethic of our teachers and students. We are also extremely proud of Lincoln County High School being named a Level 4 school. LCHS showed growth and increased their score from a 3 in prior scores. Lincoln Central Virtual Academy scored a Level 3 and we are proud of this staff because LCA has only been in existence for three years.

The Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) measures student growth year over year, regardless of whether the student is proficient on the state assessment. The scale used to compare growth ranges from Level 1 to Level 5. This statistical analysis of student assessment data provides districts and their schools with growth data to add to achievement data. This lens of measuring student learning provides educators with valuable information to ensure they are meeting the academic needs of groups of students as well as individual students.

Because students’ performance is compared to that of their peers, growth scores should be used alongside achievement scores (often referred to as on-track/mastery). The scale for on-track/mastery ranges from 1-100%. Dr. Bill Heath, Director of Lincoln County Schools, praised the school system employees and students for “all PreK8 schools reaching a Level 5; having the best overall growth scores ever for the district, being top in the South Central Region, and maintaining Achievement Rankings that have kept LCS on top in South Central since 2016”.

Lincoln County Schools is part of the South Central Region which encompasses sixteen school districts. When examining the total scores of all tests, Lincoln County Schools ranks in first place in the region based on four years of averages. Lincoln County Schools has a student enrollment of 3968; 249 teachers and 254 staff members.