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Lincoln County Schools

School Resource Officers Added

School and student safety are of the utmost importance in Lincoln County Schools.  Given the violence and school shootings across the nation in recent months, the Lincoln County School Board and Lincoln County School officials have worked in strengthening our school security.


Shortly after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, our district began discussion with stakeholders including school administrators, the collaborative efforts are including students, employees, parents,  administrators, County and City law enforcement, County and City government, and School Board members.


One of the top priorities found in our stakeholder study was the need to have a school resource officer in each school.  With funding not being available within the school district budget, the county commission was approached to look at ways that School Resource Officer (SRO) could be placed in each school.


At the July 24th county commission meeting, the commission approved their yearly budget  which included placing a School Resource Officer in each Lincoln County School. The district will start with three SRO’S when school starts and the others will be added shortly thereafter.  


Lincoln County Schools views school security and safety as a major importance and will continue to look at ways to improve school safety and security.