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Coordinated School Health » Brain Breaks: Physical Activity in the Classroom

Brain Breaks: Physical Activity in the Classroom

Five Minute Brain Breaks
Using "Brain Breaks" or short physical activity breaks in the classroom promote movement, regain focus and create excitement for learning.  "Break Breaks" should be quick, easy, and helpful in helping students master educational expectations.
Activity: "I see, I see"  
Teacher says:  I see, I see                             Students say:  What do you see?
Teacher:  I see an animal (giraffe) and an action (run).  Students: Complete the action.
Butterfly/Flutter   Horses/galloping     Monkeys/swinging      Turtles/crawling     Crabs/crab-walk
Activity:  Number of the Day
For the "Number of the Day" in the month, have the class do that number of stretches, jumping jacks, punches, standing on one foot, jumping rope, touching toes.
Activity: Alphabet Workout  Call out a letter of the alphabet and challenge students to think of some type of movement that starts with that letter that the whole class can do.  Repeat reps of the move 1-5 times.  Example:  A arms overhead, L lunge, W wrist twirls, T touch toes
Activity:  Old Fashioned Pick Up Sticks Material:  Box/Boxes of straws  
Throw straws in a play area and challenge them to pick up as many as possible.  Long or short activity depending on the number of straws.  Turn this into a competition:  boys/girls, small groups, rows of students, set timer, race the time, etc.
Activity:  Human Pretzel Any Activity that crosses over our center line on our body stimulates the brain, so make ourselves into human pretzels by twisting into fun positions and holding it for 5 seconds.  Examples:  right foot on left knee, right hand on left ear, grab left foot with right hand, cross left leg over right, touch right knee with left elbow.
Activity:  Shake Up Stand facing teacher.  Call out a variety of shake styles and students respond accordingly.  Examples:  Shake to the right, shake up, shake down, shake around, shake silly, shake like a milkshake