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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know what school zone we're in?

In some instances, the school will know. If the school doesn't know, call the bus garage at (931) 433-5733.

2. How do I know which bus my child rides?

Call the bus garage at (931) 433-5733. We will be able to give you the appropriate bus number based on your address.

3. How does my child get to the high school or NGA?

There are express buses that run between all the elementary schools and LCHS and NGA.  If you need to know an express bus number, please call the bus garage at (931) 433-5733.

4. My child goes to Highland Rim, how do I know which load they ride on?

The office personnel at Highland Rim school will be able to tell you which load your child is on.

5. What about snow days?

The Director of Transportation, Keith Gill, will work closely with the Director of Schools, Dr. Bill Heath, and with law enforcement to make sure roads are safe for buses.  In the event it is decided that it is unsafe for buses to travel, announcements will be made on local radio stations, local television stations, and the district website.

6. What if there is a discipline problem on the bus?

School Board Policy states that all riders on the bus are to be given a group warning of the consequences of misbehavior on the bus. This is done by the driver during the first few days of school. The first incident after this group warning is given is written on a discipline form and turned in to the office by the driver. The 2nd incident may result in suspension from bus privileges for five (5) days. The 3rd incident will result in a ten (10) day suspension, and the 4th incident may result in suspension of bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.  Throwing objects on the bus is an automatic five-day suspension from the bus.