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Technology » Archived RFP's 2015-2016

Archived RFP's 2015-2016

Questions for WAN-LAN-WLAN

Question 1:

Do you require a $1,000,000 performance bond if we are just responding to the LAN section of the RFP?

Answer for Question 1:

The wording for the Bond portion of the RFP will be updated as follows:  

The School MAY require a performance bond upon approval of a contract pursuant to this RFP. The amount of the performance bond must be in the sum of up to one million dollars ($1,000,000). The successful Proposer shall obtain the required performance bond in form and substance acceptable to LCSD and provide it to LCSD no later than March 18, 2015. Failure to provide the performance bond prior to the deadline as required shall result in contract termination. In lieu of a performance bond, a surety deposit, in the sum of up to one million dollars ($1,000,000), may be substituted if approved by LCSD prior to its submittal.

It is not antcipated that a bond will be required for equipment only purchases.

Question 2:

In the section listed Appendix B are there specific address that should be listed on “ Other Links & Any new sites added”

Answer to Question 2:

This "other Links" section allows the proposer to design a new fiber optic network and list any new links that will be added to accomodate the new design that are not listed in the current design.  The "Any New Sites added" would be for a future site that is not currently being served.  We do not have a specific site address.  This is the cost to add a new, undetermined site to our network if need be.  Over the length of a 5 year contract, it is impossible to know if a new site will be needed before the expiration of a contract.  If cost can not be completely determined for this RFP, please attach a statement indicicating why and give an estimate, if possible. 

Question 3:

Would you consider changing “Prior Experience With Vendor”,  to something more vendor natural like, “E-rate eligible service providers with Prior experience providing WAN services to Public school districts”?


Answer 3:

LCSD will consider changing the "Prior Experience With Vendor" to "Prior Experience With Vendor or 7 References, with minimum of 3 with similar size and scope"

Question 4:

Will you allow site visits?

Answer 4:

If needed, LCSD will host an onsite meeting with interested vendors.  We will not host individual site visits to proposers. All vendors will be required to attend the same meeting.

Question 5:

Which address do you prefer as the aggregation site, the Technology office or the school district office?

Answer 5:

If designing a new WAN, it is preferred that the Stone Bridge Data Center located at 1107 Hedgemont Ave be the aggregation point.

Question 6:

Are you seeking specifically: SLA of 99.995%; Network Latency Commitment

Answer 6:

As per the RFP, the SLA will be negotiated with the winning bidder before contract signing.  LCSD is open to reasonable SLA requirements.

Question 7:

Do you share any key facilities with the Lincoln County Government?

Answer 7: 

No, LCSD does not share any facilities with the Lincoln County Government.  All LCSD buildings are independent of the local government buildings and are not a part of this proposal.

Question 8:

Can you tell me in the WLAN survey, the conversions of existing models – how many would we be converting?

Answer 8:

There are approximately 230 Access Points that will need to be converted.


 Clarifications from On-site Meeting on 3/4/15

Issue 1:Bond Requirement

LCSD will only require a bond for contruction projects for the Lit and Dark Fiber portion.  Equipment only proposals will not reqire a bond.

Issue 2:  LAN optional Pricing for Installation

LCSD would like to request pricing for installation services similar to the Wireless LAN portion of the RFP.  This pricing would be to install and configure any new equipment and setup/change the VLAN  and ip address schemes currently used at each location.  LCSD will be responsible for changing existing equipment to match new installation configuration.  You can include this pricing in the optional section and is not a required portion of the RFP nor will it be used in awarding the contract.

Issue 3:  Proposal breakout for pricing

It may not be clearly stated that pricing should be broken out by school in the pricing sheets.  LCSD will need to break out the pricing per building so that we can file the forms for each school according to the new E-rate rules.  Please make sure that pricing can be clearly documented for each school (where applicable, centralized equipment will be equally divided between the entities).

Issue 4:  Contract Length

LCSD will not be able to enter a contract longer than 1 year due to time restrictions.  All contracts must be 1 year contracts that can be renewed up to 4 additional times.  Any multi-year contract must be approved by the Lincoln County Commission and there will not be adequate time to approve a multi-year contract prior to the 471 deadline.