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Lincoln County Schools

2020-2021 School Calendar

Lincoln County School System
Approved by the Board September 30, 2019
2020-2021 School Calendar


July 29

In-Service (Countywide)

July 30

In-Service (Individual Schools)

July 31

Staff Development No School

August 3

Students Attend ½ Day

August 4

Students Attend Full Day

September 7

Labor Day Holiday No School

September 21

In Service No School

September 24

School Day Parent Teacher Conferences All Schools 4–7 p.m.

October 5-9

Fall Break No School

November 2

In Service No School

November 23-27

Thanksgiving Break No School

December 18

Students attend ½ day


Staff Development No School (TBD by School)

January 4

Students return for full day

January 18

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Holiday) No School

February 11

School Day Parent Teacher Conferences All Schools 4-7 p.m.

February 12

In Service No School

February 15

President’s Day (Holiday) No School

March 15-19

Spring Break No School

April 2

Good Friday (Holiday) No School

May 14

In Service No School

May 21

Last Day of School for Students (½ day)


Grading Periods – Nine Weeks

Beginning Date         Ending Date      Progress Report      Report Card

1st Aug 3                  Oct 2                 Sep TBD                Oct TBD

2nd Oct 12                  Dec 18               Nov TBD               Jan TBD

3rd Jan 4                   Mar 12              Feb TBD                Mar TBD

4th Mar 22                May 21              April TBD              May TBD